WorkStyle delivers a Wellbeing Day for Wates

img_2656In October we were delighted to work with Wates – one of the largest privately owned construction and property companies in the UK – to help them support the health and wellbeing of their staff through WorkStyle, our range of services for employers.

Understanding and supporting the mental and physical health of employees helps employers to create a happier, more motivated and productive workforce; and staff who feel better can lead fuller, more rewarding lives.

With this in mind, we organised an all-day event at Wates’ office in Birmingham, offering 60 office-based employees and 100 visiting operative staff the chance to learn about health and wellbeing and review their lifestyle choices in that context.

The day was filled with the offer of tailored ‘MOT’ health checks, two health seminars – with complementary goodie bags – and a chance to use pedal power to juice a selection of fruit on our smoothie bike. We also took along John, from Hands On At Work, who offered to help workers relieve stress with a quick back and shoulder massage.  42 people took up his offer – and gave very positive feedback about the experience!

The health checks received a very warm reception – with 40 members of staff from both the office and operations signing up for consultations from our designated Health Trainers. Yasmeen and Phyllis provided 10-minute consultations, with the option for a more detailed, 30-minute check with pin prick blood tests. These extended checks were delivered by Thomas, Lakbhir and Aaron.


We talked about nutrition and its link to performance at work and provided an opportunity for employees to voice their concerns, offering practical advice on how to support health and wellbeing in return.

It can be difficult to openly discuss mental and physical health issues in front of colleages – or even ride a bike to create a smoothie – but we spend so many of our waking hours in the workplace that it is vital that we operate in a way that supports good health and wellbeing, breaking down any stigma associated with poor health.

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