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Thrive Into Work: Project launching soon

The Thrive into Work Project is a new pilot initiative designed to move people either into employment or to a point where they are able to actively engage in the labour market. The project will cover the Birmingham and Solihull areas and will be predominantly targeted at supporting over 50s, BAME individuals, the long-term unemployed, those without basic skills and vulnerable groups including those with a mental illness and short & long term health issues, individuals who are disabled and single parents.

The project will be delivered using the Assess, Build, Support and Enable pathway (see below).

Thrive Into Work ABSE Pathway

People need to feel physically and mentally well in order to engage with the labour market. They also need to feel confident in their ability and inspired to work. The ABSE pathway shows how the Thrive Into Work project can support each participant’s journey towards the labour market through improving health and facilitating employment preparation activity.

Employment preparation activity will include the following:

  • One to one coaching
  • Employability courses
  • Digital skills
  • Tailored support tackling range of issues including financial hardship, social isolation, benefit issues, low confidence
  • Referrals to specialist supporting organisations
  • Motivational behaviour change
  • Volunteering
  • Business start-up mentoring
  • Peer support

Activity will be delivered at times and locations that meet the individual needs of the participant.


The aims of this project are that:

  • 244 unemployed participants will move into employment
  • 549 inactive participants will move into employment or begin their job search
  • 183 participants will gain basic skills
  • At least 244 people will progress on the path towards being able to move into employment through gaining qualifications, volunteer placements, improved health and wellbeing and improved confidence to cope with regular work


By the end of the intervention, the participant should have reached a sustainable outcome that they are committed to such as employment, a qualification or a long-term placement.

The Project’s first engagement newsletter has recently been published, giving an overview of the role of each organisation in the Thrive Into Work partnership.

“Prospects transforms lives and communities through innovation and expertise in employment, skills, care and education. In the West Midlands, we deliver the National Careers Service, offering advice on learning and work to over 120,000 people. We also deliver the Birmingham City Council Youth Promise Plus in North and South Birmingham providing intensive support to enable young people (aged 18-29yrs) who are NEET move into employment. For the delivery of Thrive IPS Trial, Prospects has adopted a partnership approach working with specialist providers, Better Pathways, Enable, Health Exchange and Walking with the Wounded who share similar values, ethos and approach. Like Prospects, the partners are experienced in working with people who have a wide range of health issues, helping them into work using employment specialists who provide ‘in work’ support.”



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