Enabling individuals to take control of their health.
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Wellbeing Coordinator

The Wellbeing Coordinator service engages patients in positive conversations about their health, empowering them to improve their physical, mental and social wellbeing.

Our service:

Each Wellbeing Coordinator will engage with local people and their circles of support to identify the key needs, priorities and strengths for positive and sustainable behaviour change. We also work closely with community organisations, GPs and appropriate health care professionals to support individuals in finding their own solutions and to improve the local health economy.  

The service works with over 50s and carers and is available across Birmingham. 

Participants of the service are invited for an initial conversation with a Wellbeing Coordinator. The focus of the conversation is on the participant, where everything that makes the individual feel good and great is discussed and encouraged. This includes social activities, circles of support, environment, mental wellbeing and relationships. The Wellbeing Coordinator will then work with the individual to help them achieve their goals and outcomes, using resources within the community, their own strengths and assets and statutory services.