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Health Checks

Our Health Checks provide an overview of current health status, highlighting risk factors for future poor health. Importantly, they offer a base from which individuals can begin to make positive and informed choices to maximise their health.

We offer Heatlh Checks to individuals and to employers, who can elect to pay for them for their staff via our WorkStyle service.  We also currently have a contract to help deliver NHS Health Checks in Solihull.

What do our Health Checks involve?

Our Health Checks involve individuals talking to one of our Health Trainers about their medical history and that of their close relations, plus their job, dietary, exercise and other lifestyle choices, followed by a few basic tests to assess risk for vascular disease and Type 2 diabetes.

Our Health Tests include:

  • Blood pressure
  • BMI
  • Blood tests for cholesterol and sugar levels

The Heatlth Trainers then discuss the results and offer advice about how to lower risk, maintain or improve vascular health and avoid developing Type 2 diabetes.

Anyone considered to be at high risk is recommended to contact their GP as they may need medical intervention.