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Gift Exchange

Gift Exchange brings people in the local community together, to share their skills and passions and support each other in better wellbeing.

people walking in the community

Gift Exchange is built on an Assets Based Community Development model which is based around the idea that health is influenced by social determinants and that by re-introducing a person into their community and activities they enjoy, we can improve their health and wellbeing. The aim is to grow cohesion within the community and that eventually, the community will be able to self-sustain its support of residents through inclusion and participation.

Gift Exchange is funded by the Big Lottery and is focused on connecting people with their community and improving individual wellbeing. Through engaging with this project individuals can be directed to appropriate organisations, referred to relevant services (IAPT counselling, access training), be supported to start their own programmes and re-connect with opportunities in their own community. The service is currently available in Edgbaston and Ladywood.

Clients can receive support from one of the Gift Exchange team or they can self-monitor their wellbeing through the online platform. This platform can also be used to access community activities and programmes, or offer them if you are a community organisation.