Jennifer Jones-Rigby, Chief Operations Officer

Jennifer Jones-Rigby, Chief Operations Officer
Senior Management Team

Jennifer Jones-Rigby BA (HONS) PGCE is the Chief Operations Officer for Health Exchange CIC LTD and is a Goldman Sachs 10K Small Businesses Alumni member.

She is currently responsible for building opportunities for developing new business throughout the West Midlands and looking at new geographical areas where we she can develop sustainable partnerships replicating the Health Exchange model. This model includes supporting the growth of opportunities and investment for healthy workplaces, Asset Based Communities, and individuals. These areas include Warwickshire, where extensive work has already commenced with the University of Warwick.

Her remit also includes; increasing opportunities to generate income in these areas and overseeing the further development of impact management in a health and well-being setting. She has over twenty four years’ experience in organisational and community health leadership and development working locally, nationally and internationally. Jennifer has also recently been appointed as the RCCP Disciplinary Committee Lay Chair.

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