New Social Prescribing Directory launched for Solihull

Health Exchange has launched a comprehensive Social Prescribing Directory for Solihull residents, allowing them to search quickly and easily for a wide range of non-medical services in their area.

The new online directory hosts services under the following categories:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Physical Activity
  • Social Recreational
  • Sexual Health
  • Housing
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Support
  • Courses
  • Gardening / Green Space

Residents will be able to access the Social Prescribing directory via Health Exchange’s Solihull homepage – a page designed to act as a hub for local information related to supporting a healthy lifestyle.

It is hoped that through this directory, Solihull residents will be encouraged to get active, mould new friendships, keep themselves busy, learn new skills and re-engage with their community.

Social Prescribing

Enhancing our current service

The Social Prescribing service partners residents with a personal buddy to assist them in finding and joining an appropriate and beneficial social activity.

This model takes a holistic approach to wellbeing, offering clients a natural and organic route to beating low-level health issues such as mild depression, obesity and/or social anxiety.

For clients that fall within this bracket, it is often not medication that they require; guided peer support, a new challenge and an opportunity to engage with like-minded others can have a profound and positive impact upon their lives.

With the introduction of this new directory, we expect the efficacy of Health Exchange’s Social Prescribing service to improve immeasurably. The resource will enable staff to quickly link clients to hundreds of services within a convenient locality. Service users will also benefit from a thorough description of the activity in question, the benefits gained from participation, and various mapped-out routes to the site.

You can view the Social Prescribing Directory by clicking here

Click here to view a Case Study demonstrating the impact of our Social Prescribing service.

If you know of any Solihull-based activities that you would like to add to our Directory, please contact Alex McKenna with full details of the service at

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