New app launched to help children sleep

Sleep is very important to a child’s wellbeing; it is said to be vital for their development and future behaviour. There is no regimental amount of sleep that a child needs, but the NHS does have an approximate guide of sleep that each child should aim for.


children sleep


Cue the ‘Kids Sleep Dr’ – an app which professes to improve children’s sleep. It has been launched by doctors at the Evelina Children’s hospital in London, and they think it could very well help the two million parents in the UK who express concern about their child’s sleep.

The app will aim to give personalised advice to parents of children ages 0-16 years. Yes –that’s right; teenagers who regularly struggle to get an early night’s sleep will also be targeted.

Initial advice starts after entering details about bedtimes, where the child falls asleep, how much screen time they have had, and how much caffeine they have consumed.

Professor Gringras told BBC News that: “Hopefully they are sleeping in the normal range, but if they’re outside that then it advises parents”

“I think there’s a lot of people it could prevent needing to see a GP. Parents can do a brilliant job,” he added.


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