Making a difference to our communities – client feedback on Health Exchange

As a social enterprise, one of Health Exchange’s primary responsibilities is to ensure that the one-to-one support we provide does not stop with the individual, but ripples outwards, having positive implications for the wider communities we work within.

The monthly data we collect from clients reveals the extent to which we succeed in doing this.  The results now available from February 2015 show that the families of our clients are strongly feeling the benefits of our interventions.

Positive health impacts

The table below charts the answers to our survey question: Do you feel that the Health Exchange service you have used has had a positive health impact on (a) your family, (b) your friends, (c) the wider community in which you live and work?

How does it work?

A client working on a programme designed to help them lose weight, for example, may not only improve their own lifestyle, but also encourage their family and friends living nearby in the community to make similar healthy eating choices. This is, in essence, what the Health Exchange model seeks to achieve.


Service benefits

We also ask clients to select from a prescribed list of benefits they feel the Health Exchange service they accessed has directly given or helped them to achieve.

For February, the majority of clients appreciated their improved knowledge and understanding around their health, which was, and is, a common trend for all services.

Facilitating lifestyle change…

“I lost 5lb. Thank you Yasmeen.”

“Trish has helped me so much, she is great. I’ve always found it hard to lose weight and now I’m near my 3rd stone. Thank you.”

“This course made me realise how much hidden sugars are in certain products. I look at more labels when shopping now and buy accordingly. Very informative.”

“My advisor Julie at smoking session is very helpful and friendly. She always listens and gives me lots of support.”

“The staff have been excellent in helping me quit smoking for nine weeks now and I haven’t felt the need. I used to smoke 30-40 a day.”

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