BVI & 3D Body Scanning

The Body Volume Indicator (BVI) system is a new automated measurement system that will serve as a more comprehensive alternative to Body Mass Index. The tool is available in app form and can scan an individual and measure total body fat and visceral fat.

It is a new application for obesity and weight management, developed over 10 years by a West Midlands company; Select Research Ltd, working in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic, the Medical Research Council, Heartlands NHS Hospital and Aston University. BVI focuses on abdominal volume, the area of the body most associated with health risk, combing 3D body data and MRI data to provide accurate estimates of body fat and visceral fat.

Health Exchange was involved in pilot testbedding the app in order to inform its development. Our Health Trainers used the app during their usual appointments and tested it for ease of use and how clients reacted to it. Their feedback formed a report which was returned to the developers to aid further versions of the app.

Below are screenshots taken from the app.