At Health Exchange we are always looking for opportunities for innovation. We have a learning-orientated culture and are continually developing our expertise through practical experience and observation, backed by rigorous academic research and evaluation.  We encourage sharing of information, learning and best practice aiming to drive improvements in the design and delivery of effective health and wellbeing services.

Being able to evidence our impact and build a case for introducing new ways of supporting health and wellbeing is vital to us. We are committed to enabling individuals to take control of their health and are always keen to test new approaches, interventions and technologies that encourage behavioural change.

We partner with the NHS, local authorities, universities, social enterprises, charities and commercial businesses with an interest in health and wellbeing.  As a leading health social enterprise, we are also working with the West Midlands Academic Health Science Network to facilitate the development of the Third Sector Innovation Network, which aims to identify and support the development of new health technology solutions produced by third sector organisations.

Assistant Director, Jennifer Jones-Rigby in a meeting to discuss innovation