Customer Satisfaction Highlights

Jan – Mar 2014


Customer satisfaction is an important step in making sure professional and informative health services are provided to all clients. Between January and March 2014, we received 421 surveys returned by clients accessing Health Exchange services.

During this period we’ve been able to achieve a Net Promoter Score of 89%, strongly indicating that the vast majority of former clients will recommend accessing Health Exchanges to their family members and friends. Many organisations in an array of different sectors consider a score of 30% to be positive.

The wider social impact


Customer feedback

Staff professionalism

‘I was very glad my GP referred me to the Birmingham Health Trainer service. My Health Trainer has been very good in showing me that I can feel good about myself and lose weight.’

89% of respondents rated staff professionalism Excellent.

Information provided

354 of those 421 surveyed highly rated the information staff members provided them with.

‘[It has been] a complete eye opener. I learnt in a short period so much more than from my GP and other sources such as the Internet.’ [A client attending a diabetes management course]

Personal benefit to clients

97% of former clients considered the Health Exchange service they accessed  to have personally benefited them to a high degree.

‘I’ve smoked for nearly 30 years. I’m now smoke free thanks to this service. It has saved my life and gave my daughter a smoke free mummy.’ [A client accessing the Sandwell Stop Smoking service]


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