Customer Satisfaction Highlights (July – September 2015)


Between July and September 2015 we received 1130 surveys from clients accessing Health Exchange services. This presents a significant increase of 59% return of customer satisfaction survey in Quarter 2 compared to April-June 2015’s result. It also shows that greater emphasis is being placed on our clients’ feedback. Moreover, after introducing customer satisfaction survey forms tailor-made to specific services in Quarter 1, we launched an online version of the survey in July 2015. The latter enables former clients to submit feedback at their convenience via their computers, laptops and smartphones.

During this period, our Net Promoter Score was found to be 87%, strongly indicating that the vast majority of survey respondents would recommend our services to their family members and friends. This is particularly pleasing as many organisations across an array of different sectors consider a score of 30% to be positive. Moreover, Health Exchange’s Net Promoter Score has stayed above 80% since August 2013, showing a consistent quality of service has been provided.

Customer Satisfaction

Breastfeeding Support Services 

99% of mothers accessing the Breastfeeding Peer Support acknowledged that the service had helped them to establish breastfeeding. On this topic, the Breastfeeding Community service recorded 100% initiation rate and 94% of Quarter 1 mothers were found to have carried on with the breastfeeding after 6-8 weeks of continued breastfeeding support.

“In my experience so far, it has been an invaluable service. I have received a lot of encouragement, support, advice and guidance. In just 3 sessions/visits, I have managed to wean off the nipple shield completely, I have learn and had the opportunity to demonstrate a few different breastfeeding positions and I have managed to improve my latching technique. [My Brestfeeding Supporter] made a great difference to my confidence and subsequently my mental wellbeing and mood in general over just a few days.” Breastfeeding Community Service

[My Breastfeeding Supporter] was very patient, offered [me] excellent tips and support relevant to me as I had a C- section.”  Breastfeeding Hospital Service

Health Trainer Services

Identically to the Breastfeeding service’s result, 99% of Solihull, Birmingham and Dudley respondents felt that the Health Trainer support had helped them better manage their lifestyle concerns. Clients also cited positive health impacts they gained from accessing the service presented by the diagram below:


“I really gained from attending these sessions and would definitely encourage everyone to eat healthy and include exercise in [their] daily routines. [My Health Trainer] is very warm and friendly [and] really made my sessions very enjoyable. I have now reduced my blood sugar levels, lost half a stone and have changed my eating habits for life.” Birmingham Health Trainer

“[My Health Trainer has been] very good and very helpful. I am doing really well with my diet. I have lost weight and reduced my alcohol consumption.” Solihull Health Trainer

“I lost weight 2kg in 4 weeks because I stopped eating rice and biscuits. I was eating half a packet of biscuits, now I eat four pieces only. “ Dudley Health Trainer

Smoking Cessation Services

206 of those 207 surveyed were found to be happy with the support they received during their Smoking Cessation[1] intervention.  They also cited a range of health and lifestyle benefits they felt they gained from accessing the Smoking Cessation services; those being saved money and improved health, diet and fitness levels.  Furthermore, recent analysis showed that the Sandwell Stop Smoking service exceeded its target for 12-week quitters by 16% in Quarter 1 (April-June 2015).

“[I] had tried 3 times previously [to stop smoking] but I failed. After a nice chat with [Health Exchange’s Stop Smoking Advisors] it really got me focused and determined. I started running and joined the gym and never looked back.” Sandwell Stop Smoking  

“[I’m] saving lots of money and feeling healthier.” Walsall Stop Smoking  

Diabetes Prevention Services

88% of former Living Well Taking Control clients reflected that the service they accessed had personally benefited them to a high degree.

“[The Diabetes Instructor] delivered a great course and tailored it to us all. He was very helpful and was able to answer all our questions.”  Living Well Taking Control South

“[The diabetes prevention course] made me more aware of the condition and helped me a lot.” Living Well Taking Control Westbank


[1] Health Exchange has 3 Stop Smoking Services, those being Sandwell, Walsall and Worcestershire Stop Smoking;

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