Customer Satisfaction Highlights (Jan – Mar 2015)


Customer satisfaction is an important step in making sure professional and informative health services are provided to all clients. We highly value our customers’ feedback since it enables Health Exchange to transform its services in order to meet client expectations.

Between January and March 2015 we received 961 surveys returned from clients accessing our services. Identically to the previous quarter, the company recorded a 35% increase in the number of customer satisfaction surveys received compared to the figure reported for October – December 2014. Consequently, there is no doubt that greater emphasis is being placed on our customers’ feedback.

During this quater we’ve been able to achieve a Net Promoter Score of  88%. This shows that a high percentage of our former clients are very likely to recommend the Health Exchange services accessed to their family, friends or community members. Furthermore, respondents who received Birmingham Health Trainer, Breastfeeding (Community) and Living Well Taking Control (SC/CC) services during this quarter were found to have noted the highest positive health impact on all 3 target groups. Moreover, Health Exchange’s score has remained above the 80% threshold since August 2013, showing a consistent service quality has been provided. Many organisations in an array of different sectors consider a score of 30% to be positive.

The wider social impact

wider impact

Staff professionalism

840 (89%) of the respondents rated the staff professionalism as Excellent, with a further 96 (10%) considering it Good.

“[The Health Trainer] is very helpful and informative, friendly and encouraging. I have never been able to maintain and reduce my weight for so long. Thank you so much” Birmingham Health Trainer  

“[The Health Exchange Breastfeeding Supporter] was fantastic and helped me. [She had] easy going, yet professional attitude. She has given me the confidence to breastfeed and is an asset to the hospital!” Breastfeeding Service

Information provided

87% of those 961 surveyed highly valued the information our staff members provided them with.

“ I think the information that was given to me was very useful as I needed support with it, now I am confident. [Health Exchange’s] breastfeeding support worker answered all my questions and I am very happy.”  Breastfeeding Service

I feel that the course I attended with [the Health Exchange’s Chronic Disease Educator] were extremely useful. She was very thorough and informative… I have been inspired to eat [in] a better way and I have lost weight” Living Well Taking Control (Westbank)

How effectively did we adapt the service to meet your personal needs?

84% of the respondents were found to have noted that the service they accessed was highly adapted to their personal needs.

My adviser […] is very helpful and friendly. She always listens and gives me lots of support. The smoking session staff bend over backwards to make sure I have my NRT.” Sandwell Stop Smoking

“Thanks for adapting [the service to] my needs” Birmingham Health Trainer

Personal benefit for clients

84% of former clients considered the Health Exchange service they accessed to have personally benefited them to a high degree.

Stoping smoking has benefitted me a lot. Feel much better. I wish I had stopped years ago. Adviser has been very helpful through the course.” Sandwell Stop Smoking  

[The Health Trainer] has helped me so much, she is great. I’ve always found it hard to lose weight and now I’m near my 3st. Thank youBirmingham Health Trainer

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