Customer Satisfaction Highlights (April – June 2015)


A few months ago we introduced customer satisfaction survey forms tailor made to specific services. Obtaining more meaningful feedback enables us to better understand client needs and changing expectations. Every client accessing a Health Exchange service is given the opportunity of providing feedback. Between April and June 2015 we received 709 surveys from former clients. During this period, our Net Promoter Score was found to be 86%, strongly indicating that the vast majority of survey respondents would recommend our services to their family members and friends. This is particularly pleasing as many organisations across an array of different sectors consider a score of 30% to be positive. Moreover, Health Exchange’s Net Promoter Score has stayed above 80% since August 2013, showing a consistent quality of service has been provided.

The wider social impact*

The diagram below shows that clients submitting old survey forms during this quarter acknowledged that positive health benefits gained by accessing our services had a wider impact on their family, friends and community members.

positive health impacts Apr-Jun15

Breastfeeding Support Services

Mothers who left feedback felt the Breastfeeding team were very professional and helped them to establish breastfeeding.

“My Breastfeeding Supporter was very proactive in ensuring I was doing the right thing. This has helped me to get rid of my anxiety and worries about not having sufficient milk supply.” Breastfeeding Community Service

“Thanks for guiding my husband as well and referring me to your colleague in the community for further support.” Breastfeeding Hospital Service

Health Trainer Services

98% of Solihull, Birmingham and Dudley respondents were very pleased with the information their Health Trainers provided. Clients also cited common benefits from accessing the service including improved diet, increased physical activity and stabilised weight.

“My Health Trainer motivated and supported me to eat healthy as I feel good. [I] would recommend this service to family and friends” Birmingham Health Trainer

“The support and advice I have received has been invaluable to me. I couldn’t recommend it more. I couldn’t have made these lifestyle changes on my own. I’m very grateful for the help I have received” Solihull Health Trainer

“My Health Trainer has been very professional and offered good advice on healthy eating.”Dudley Health Trainer

Smoking Cessation Services

99% of respondents accessing Sandwell, Walsall and Worcestershire Stop Smoking services were found to be highly satisfied with the support they received. Many former clients said they felt healthier and saved money as a result of stopping smoking.

“Without this service I could not quit smoking, its excellent for people who truly want to quit smoking.” Sandwell Stop Smoking

*Percentages are based on a sample of 331 respondents who answered this question.

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