Building resilience in employees with The Birmingham Growth Alliance Partnership

Last week marked the start of a unique health and wellbeing program that saw Health Exchange working in partnership with The Birmingham Growth Alliance Partnership. The program was established to capitalise on job opportunities created through Grand Central Birmingham and working as part of a John Lewis led consortium, Health Exchange are delighted to be able to use our expertise in health and wellbeing to help make potential employees job-ready.

Our focus is developing employment skills in people who were previously unemployed and supporting them into work. These skills can range from communication and time-management through to basic health and wellbeing support. These are things that often get overlooked when supporting people to find work, but they are often crucial to an individual becoming successful in their new job.

The biggest barriers to work are not necessarily job specific; bad sleeping habits, not eating properly, dehydration, stress, lack of communication skills and anger management are just some of the reasons people re-entering employment may struggle to get back into the mindset suitable for work.

Health Exchange’s WorkStyle program have been working with organisations looking to improve the health and wellbeing of their workforce. The results have seen greater levels of productivity, improved moral, a healthier happy work atmosphere and even fewer sick days.

This approach has seen tremendous results for many organisations and we believe that in partnership with John Lewis and others we will be able to achieve similar results from the very start.

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