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Our Approach

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Health Exchange’ approach is to work with people and communities to achieve better health and wellbeing. We help individuals to make choices about their lifestyles to improve mental and physical health and self-esteem.

Our staff are the bedrock of what we offer; we have an eclectic group of people who come from various backgrounds, speak multiple languages and possess a variety of formal qualifications. Wherever we are working, you’ll find that our team members directly reflect the community they are serving. This is a key component of our offer.

All of our services centre upon the principle of ‘co-collaboration’, which involves Health Exchange staff working alongside clients to produce positive and sustainable outcomes. We believe strongly in our clients themselves and that they can be the most powerful factor in improving their own lifestyles.

Our overarching ambition is to improve the wellbeing of whole communities by spending money in a way that adds long-term social value. By empowering individuals and training community members, we believe that we can facilitate a culture of health and wellbeing within a community.

Our approach can be described in terms of three key specialist areas:


Prevent       Motivate       Manage