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  • Activities in Solihull

    Not all prescriptions involve medicine. Take a look at our comprehensive directory of activities in Solihull.

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  • Business?

    Looking to improve the health of your employees? Check out our WorkStyle scheme

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  • Pre-diabetes

    Later this month, Health Exchange will be welcoming the first group of participants onto its new and innovative pre-diabetes programme. The programme aims to reduce the growing prevalence of diabetes in the city.

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  • Information Standard

    We provide the public with reliable, factual and up-to-date health information...

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    5th February 2016

    UK has the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world… (…time to change that!)

    New data released this week, shows that natural-breastfeeding (which is proven to be good for a baby’s health),...

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    1st February 2016

    Processed foods are desensitising our taste buds

    There are about 10,000 taste buds on your tongue; each one having a receptor which reacts to different...

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    11th January 2016

    Exclusive local health services for all Solihull residents

    Do you live in Solihull? Are you looking to make healthy lifestyle changes, sign up to a social...

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#breastfeeding rates in the UK are lowest in the world!! #Birmingham residents free support https://t.co/DydFYgfk9n https://t.co/syHEnzI6Ui
- Friday Feb 5 - 3:47pm

The UK has the lowest #breastfeeding rates in the world https://t.co/DydFYgfk9n Find out how we can help mothers in #Birmingham
- Friday Feb 5 - 2:19pm

...our CEO Graham delivering a talk on Social Prescribing yesterday. Find out more here: https://t.co/rsxOOvAean https://t.co/GXTJOmKLKK
- Thursday Feb 4 - 9:47am

Are junk foods really desensitising our taste buds, making us less receptive to good foods? https://t.co/xegYghlAGp https://t.co/7mcPn8hty8
- Tuesday Feb 2 - 10:09am

"..a diet of processed foods is distorting our ability to recognise ‘real foods’" Read more: https://t.co/xegYghlAGp https://t.co/XehcgwGtNX
- Monday Feb 1 - 11:40am