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    21st October 2014

    Quit before You’re Banned!

    With London set to introduce smoke-free public zones within the next few years, and a forecast that the...

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  • No Image
    15th October 2014

    Customer Satisfaction Highlights (Jul– Sep 2014)

    Introduction Between July and September 2014, we received 526 surveys returned from clients accessing Health Exchange services. Health Exchange...

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    5th September 2014

    How to get children eating fruit

    It’s that time of year again where the children are back at school. This means lunch boxes out...

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@EmmyLoopyLou sorry for late reply. We only know of places to buy pedometers
- Tuesday Oct 21 - 9:15pm

The health benefits of the potato - Leek and potato soup anyone? #health #wellbeing #potato #soup http://t.co/PYxtsRXutZ
- Monday Oct 20 - 2:33pm

Here are some great memory boosting foods. Which one is your favourite? #health #healthtips #memory #food http://t.co/CBJTk8B7xN
- Monday Oct 13 - 12:39pm

@YourWorldUK we love a fancy tea, but the best remedy is prevention: lots of nutrients from veg and good rest
- Thursday Oct 9 - 1:28pm

Today we want to know what is your best home made cold remedy? #cold #homemade #cure #remedy http://t.co/CePXMfzBYi
- Thursday Oct 9 - 11:03am