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    28th October 2014

    5 Surprising Health benefits of Pumpkins

    There is more to this backyard fruit than just a crooked smile. And no – I’m not referring...

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  • No Image
    24th October 2014

    Good News: Ebola is NOT airborne

    After growing fears in recent weeks, there is alas good news in that the deadly virus is not...

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    21st October 2014

    Quit before You’re Banned!

    With London set to introduce smoke-free public zones within the next few years, and a forecast that the...

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5 health benefits of Pumpkins http://t.co/5ERclwVObh tell us your own pumpkin recipe - best one goes on our website!! http://t.co/WeHtjGUui3
- Wednesday Oct 29 - 3:31pm

Check out our top 5 health benefits of... PUMPKINS! http://t.co/5ERclwVObh and why not tell us your own tasty pumpkin recipes #pumpkinfood
- Wednesday Oct 29 - 2:07pm

Saturday 15th November is our local Cancer Awareness Day with @HealthExUK @macmillancancer @MacBBC Spread the word!! #cancer #healthexchange
- Wednesday Oct 29 - 10:33am

15th November is CANCER AWARENESS DAY with @macmillancancer More details at http://t.co/ma0XchrOG2 #Cancer #healthexchange #macmillian
- Tuesday Oct 28 - 9:45am

FREE, LOCAL, Cancer Awareness Day hosted by Health Exchange and @macmillancancer visit the website for more details http://t.co/ma0XchrOG2
- Monday Oct 27 - 3:46pm